smart Fortwo (450 Chassis) & Roadster ECU Tuning

Our MK1 - MK7 (450 Chassis) ECU Tuning can be done using sw-exclusive, each tuner offers something slightly different in their approach to tuning,  recently we've become aware that other tuners here in the UK are claiming to offer our software, I would like to assure you that:

  • Our software is virgin ex original developer in Germany
  • Our software is 100% secure and can not be copied wholly by anyone, even us!
  • A line of inbuilt code confirms the origin of our software

Mapping onsite / mobile is available for all 450 chassis smart Fortwo's and 452 chassis Roadster's including Brabus derivatives.

Developed in Germany our map files enhance the smart experience, they are constant in their delivery, some maps offer huge low down grunt but little top end enhancement, some quite the opposite, you'll find that once you've experienced the smooth constant delivery that sw-exclusive offers you'll never look back.

Do you ever need to change from 6th gear to 5th gear whilst cruising at 70mph?:

Customers have experienced increased fuel economy whilst using these maps and allowing the natural torque and turbo boost to work at their full potential, of course it is also possible to use all of the increased power that's available and decimate your economy too! you'd maintain 70mph on a dual carriageway where before you'd be looking for 5th, that's extra fuel!!!

From just £99 for ECU tuning we are able to transform your smart car into the car it really wants to be and the car you really wish it was.

What about the air filter?:

Couple that to our ITG Air Filter from just £189 for the tuning and air filter and you're on to a winner!

What about the TIK?:

Together with fudgesmart we only fit genuine TIK's, that's because our opinion is that smart & Brabus spent a fair few pennies developing the standard TIK's, remember you've got the MK1 then the 45Kw then the 60Kw and finally the 74Kw, non scientific tests years ago seemed to suggest the way forward was to fit a 60Kw TIK unless you were upgrading to a Brabus 74Kw Turbo too, we've seen too many split and badly fitted silicone TIK's to even contemplate selling them!

Upgrade to a 60Kw TIK for £79 fitted! 


Upgrade to a 74Kw TIK for £99 fitted!

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